Sound installation with intervention of space.

Inside the wale, as Ismhael embarks on a personal journey, this work aims to delve into the depths of our own monsters, and from there, embody the disagreement and the imperious desire to come to the surface. According to the artist, "Like the transition process of a dragonfly, that after being a larva and feeding in the swamp, at night, it rises to tree and slowly, between pain, calm and serene, it releases the skin. That’s the image in my piece, let go of the skin. I want to represent being inside that beast, which can be taken out of the literature but also from our own monsters. Those who live in our psyche, the blackened, grungy noises and thoughts that invite us to the change. To a new stadium, to a new person "

Photography (in show&objects) by Ainhoa Rubio Cuadrado / sound&installation and objects by Elena Victoria Pastor.

Rizoma Gallery, Madrid 2017