Bachelor thesis of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Caracas, 2004-2005.

Throutime, Caracas has tried to define itself so it represents an icon of modernity. Changing with each new political/social time, seeking for answers on what will come, denying the past of the city. What happens when a place puts all its hope in the future and erases the past?
Iconic elements disappear. The conflicting relationship of the citizens with their past is noted in actions and omissions of both: authorities and citizens.
This documentary review the deterioration of the following urban art works: the Columbus Monument by Rafael de la Cova, Maria Lionza by Alejandro Colina, the Open Solar by Alejandro Otero, the Fisicromía Tribute to Don Andrés Bello by Carlos Cruz-Diez, and the Sphere of Caracas by Jesús Soto.
Several art researchers and public figures were interviewed. Opinions are presented in contrast, where everyone has room to speak, as well to analyze the problem in the background.

Directors: Luisa Aveleo Coll & Elena Victoria Pastor.
Music: Alejandro Morón.
Graphics: Clarisa Schaper.
Edition: Luis Octavian Rahamut.